Interconnection is our watchword. Our operating units are set up to ensure a perfect flow for operating so as to ensure maximum efficiency and adaptability to customer requests

Animal Care

We are able to select every tipology of animal farm animals.

Our main skills are related to the handling of animals, their accomodation, treatment and sampling of organs and body fluids.

Our animal facilities provide either individual or group housing. 

All internal facilities comply with the European laws on the protection of animal used for scientific purpose (Recommendation 2007/526/CEDirective 2010/63/EU).


Protocols are evaluated by the internal animal welfare body before the application to the Italian Ministry of Health.


Vetspin complies with the Italian law on conscientious objection (Legge 12 Ottobre 1993, n. 413)

Parasitology Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory

Development and validation of analytical methods for veterinary drugs and medicinal compounds.


Analysis of drugs and their metabolites in tissues, organs and body fluids for Residues Studies, PK, ADME and Bioequivalence Studies.


Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory

Clinical Pathology Tests on all food producing species consucted by validated methods using certified reference materials (CRM), suitable for haemato-biochemical and electrolyte blood analysis.

Gross Examination and Sampling of tissues and organs, slide preparation and lecture by blind method.

The Parasitology Laboratory performs diagnostic tests on coccidiosis (OPG), identification of oocysts species in chicken and turkey, intestinal lesion scoring on infected animals, purification of fecal samples and preparation of sporulated inocula.